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Do I Need a Lawyer If I've Been in a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely frightening and dangerous. Motorcyclists don't have the protection of a car or truck in a crash, so injuries can be much more serious - and fatalities are all too common.

Motorcyclists unfairly get a reputation for being reckless and negligent. This makes it more difficult to recover damages after an accident, especially with injuries. The truth is, most motorcyclists are very responsible and follow the rules of the road. If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney who has successfully battled these stereotypes and won compensation for clients.

A Mobile, AL motorcycle accident lawyer at Braswell Murphy, LLC has the experience you need to protect your rights after a wreck. In just one case, we recovered $200,000 for a client who had been thrown from his motorcycle and injured after another motorist struck him. Contact us for a free case evaluation. You owe us nothing until we are successful.

Injuries that can result in significant financial losses

A common and serious injury seen in motorcycle accidents is traumatic brain injury (TBI), as a result of head trauma. Helmets help cushion the blow of an impact, but a crash still poses the risk of TBI. People with TBI can suffer seizures and personality changes, as well as long-term problems with memory, coordination, hearing and vision.

A motorcycle crash can also cause spinal cord injuries. There may be nerve damage, disc fractures or herniated or bulging discs. This can cause significant pain or discomfort. In some cases, a spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis.

Because of the tremendous force of impact, broken bones are common in motorcycle accidents. Common sites of broken bones are the arms, hands, wrists, legs and hips. This type of injury can greatly limit mobility.

Another type of injury seen in motorcycle accidents is "road rash" or "road burn." This happens when a motorcyclist is dragged or thrown across the pavement after a crash. The friction scrapes the skin, leaving multiple cuts and bruises. While not life-threatening, it can be extremely painful and result in scarring.

All of these injuries require medical treatment that can be expensive and lengthy. An accident victim may require hospitalization, surgery, medication and physical therapy. There may also be additional expenses, such as home modifications to help you become more mobile. A lawyer can help you recover past and future expenses related to your injury.

Braswell Murphy, LLC - Helping Accident Victims - It's What We Do

At Braswell Murphy, LLC, we work for those who were injured through no fault of their own. We fight for the rights of families who have lost loved ones in accidents. If your motorcycle accident was caused by another driver's negligence, we can help you take legal action to recover damages.

If you call us immediately following your accident, we can send our investigators to the scene. They will take photographs, document any evidence and talk to witnesses. We will then review accident reports, medical records and any other documentation related to the accident. We may also consult an accident reconstruction accident. If we determine another driver's negligence caused your accident, we will advise you on the best strategy to seek compensation.

You may able to seek medical expenses, property damage, lost wages and other damages. Whether it's a settlement or a jury verdict, we will keep fighting for your rights until we get results.

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