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How Do I Read My Alabama Car Accident Report?

If you've been involved in a car accident, the police will fill out a traffic crash report. You can usually get a copy of this report within the next day or two. It contains information that is very important for your case.

The traffic crash report is a written record of what happened during the crash and may be able to help prove negligence by another driver. Police will record the location, time, weather and road conditions for the accident. The officer will also note any injuries, and whether a driver was distracted or under the influence of alcohol.

Braswell Murphy, LLC has some tips for reading your Alabama traffic crash report. Contact us if you have any questions about the report or need to discuss your case with a car accident lawyer in Mobile, AL. Click here for a printable PDF version.


Location and Time

This section documents the location and time of your accident. It includes the date, time, day of the week, and city and county where the accident happened. Police will write down the number of vehicles involved, distance to intersections and fixed objects, and any injuries or fatalities.

Driver Information

This section is used to record driver information. It will include each driver's contact information insurance information and vehicle details. Police may also note if a driver was suspected of using alcohol or drugs and any injuries. Police will also write down code numbers for what they believe to be contributing circumstances leading to the accident. A code legend can be found on the last 2 pages.


Seating Position/Victims

This section records the seating position of injury victims, as well as their contact information and severity of injuries. Codes will note the use of safety equipment, such as air bags and seat belts.


Narrative and Visual Diagram

This is a written narrative and visual diagram of how the officer believe the accident happened. Look over this information carefully to see if it matches your memory of events.

Road Conditions

The officer will use codes to note the road conditions, number of lanes and whether the accident occurred in a work zone.



In this section, the officer will note the time police arrived on the scene and when any emergency responders arrived. It will also contain the name of the investigating officer.

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