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New Entertainment Systems Put Mobile Drivers At Increased Risk of Distracted Driving Accidents

Across the country, new vehicles are constantly receiving new and upgraded features. Recent efforts have been largely focused on the digital information and entertainment systems which are becoming an increasingly standard feature in new vehicles. While consumers enjoy these “infotainment” features, they can greatly increase the risk of collision. Learn more about the risks of...

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Stay Safe in Mobile This Halloween

Most children look forward to Halloween all year. There are many ways children can be injured on Halloween, so parents must try to be prepared for known dangers. When injuries do occur, it is important to consult with an Mobile personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Alabama injury victims have important legal rights which...

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Local Roads More Dangerous Than Alabama Highways

With so much attention on the dangers of drunk driving, it may be surprising for Alabama drivers to learn that speeding can be just as dangerous. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, auto accidents involving speeding were responsible for more than 112,500 deaths on the roads of the U.S. between 2005 and 2014. This...

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Anti-Lock Braking Systems on Motorcycles Can Help Reduce Fatal Accidents

Every year, hundreds of motorcyclists are injured and killed on the roads of Mobile. The statistics can be staggering, especially when they reveal that passenger vehicle fatalities occur at a mere fraction of the rate of fatal motorcycle accidents. Luckily, new technologies are making motorcycles safer for riders. After a motorcycle crash, it can be...

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The Most and Least Safe Vehicles on the Road in Alabama

Every year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and National Highway Safety Administration publish statistics on the fatality rates of vehicles in America. These statistics offer insight into the safest – and least safe – vehicles on the roads in and around Mobile. The Trends The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently released data on...

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Baby Injuries With Defective Products on Rise

Nothing is more devastating than for a parent to see their child be hurt. The devastation can be made even worse if the injury is the result of a product purchased by a parent or caregiver. Parents buy many items to keep their young children safe, from cribs to car seats to strollers. Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been...

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Can a Nursing Home Arbitration Clause be Challenged in Court?

Throughout the country, there are hundreds of assisted living centers and nursing homes that include arbitration clauses in their admissions paperwork. These clauses are often not understood by the seniors who sign them, or by family members who submit paperwork on behalf of a loved one who is entering a nursing home.  Unfortunately, whether the...

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