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$2,315,00018-Wheeler Accident

Client was a dump truck driver that was hit by an 18-wheeler. The accident caused permanent leg and ankle damage. Defendants' highest offer prior to arbitration was $200,000.

$1,132,69418-Wheeler Accident

Curd v. Western Express - Client was rear-ended by an eighteen wheeler and received severe back and neck injuries. The Defendants last offer prior to unanimous jury verdict was $350,000.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyers with Insider Experience

You checked a loved one into a nursing home or assisted living facility reasonably expecting good quality treatment. For too many families, that scenario quickly turns into a nightmare due to nursing home abuse or neglect. Your loved one may have been neglected: not given medical care, not helped after a fall, allowed to develop bedsores or an infection that became septic. Or he or she may have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused, or financially exploited. Your loved one may have even died.

Everything changes. The toll on your family can be immense. You’re left wondering what happened – and what you can do about it.

That’s why you need an experienced nursing home neglect attorney on your side. You need the personal injury lawyers at Braswell Murphy, LLC.

Get Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys on Your Family’s Side

When you’re up against an insurance company representing a negligent nursing home, medical provider or at-fault driver, our lawyers can level the playing field. Personal injury attorneys Kasie Braswell and Brian Murphy used to work for the insurance companies. They know all the tricks they use to protect their bottom line by keeping victims from receiving fair payment – and all the tactics their attorneys use to defend them. Now, they advocate for those victims.

We are absolutely committed to helping people in Alabama and Georgia who have been injured or lost loved ones. Our personal injury attorneys have a broad range of experience handling many complex injury cases, and we’ll put that experience to work for you. Whether you’re dealing with an insurance company representing a medical provider, nursing home or other negligent party, our lawyers can help.

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    Personal Injury Lawyers Fighting Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

    Your loved one entered a nursing home or assisted living facility expecting to receive the care he or she needed. In too many cases, understaffed and underfunded facilities cut corners when it comes to patient care, and the results can be devastating. We've represented patients who have experienced all of the following:

    • Bed Sores Bed Sores
    • Falls Falls
    • Dehydration Dehydration
    • Untreated Infections Untreated Infections
    • Overmedication Overmedication
    • Wrongful Death Wrongful Death

    If you suspect a loved one was abused or mistreated in a nursing home, contact our nursing home neglect lawyers right away. We'll find out what happened and take legal action to hold the facility accountable.

    Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Standing Up for Victims of Negligence

    If you or a loved one was injured or a loved one died because of negligence, contact Braswell Murphy, LLC. We are a respected personal injury law firm that has built a reputation on its experience and results. Our personal injury attorneys understand how an injury can affect your life. We will work hard to help you recover financial compensation.

    In troubled times, you need somebody you can count on. If you or a loved one has been injured and you need to hold the negligent party responsible, Braswell Murphy, LLC will stand with you every step of the way.

    Personal Injury Lawyers Who Handle All Types Of Medical Malpractice Cases

    We don’t expect doctors to be perfect, but we do expect them to follow established standards of care. In too many cases, they fail to do so, and the consequences are devastating. Misinterpreted test results. Surgical tools left in patients’ bodies. Patients being given the wrong dose or wrong medication. When you’ve been hurt by medical negligence, our medical malpractice lawyers can help.

    • Medication Errors Medication Errors
    • Hospital Injuries Hospital Injuries
    • Surgical Errors Surgical Errors
    • Birth Injuries Birth Injuries
    • Emergency Room Errors Emergency Room Errors
    • Diagnostic Errors Diagnostic Errors
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