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18-Wheeler Accident
Client was a dump truck driver that was hit by an 18-wheeler. The accident caused permanent leg and ankle damage. Defendants’ highest offer prior to arbitration was $200,000.


Medical Malpractice

Client died after a health care provider failed to provide adequate emergency treatment.


18-Wheeler Accident
Curd v. Western Express – Client was rear-ended by an eighteen wheeler and received severe back and neck injuries. The Defendants last offer prior to unanimous jury verdict was $350,000.


Premises Liability
Client fell on improperly maintained staircase and suffered permanent spinal injuries (non-paralysis).

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Braswell Murphy Blog

Tires and Wrecks
Posted on August 03 2015 by bmurphy

After five tire blow-outs that caused damage to several big rigs, a San Diego trucking company filed a complaint with federal regulators about certain Michelin tires that failed, causing approximately $30,000 in damage to their trucks. This prompted the National Highway Safety Administration to open a study to determine why the tires were failing. Trucking companies blamed the tire manufacturers and the tire manufacturers blamed high driving speeds and poor road conditions. It turns out that it may be a combination of all three things. Tires that are manufactured for passenger cars are rated for high rates of speed, a lot …... Continue Reading

Traffic Deaths on the Rise
Posted on August 03 2015 by bmurphy

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of deaths stemming from traffic accidents in 2014 rose two percent in Alabama, and Mississippi fared even worse with a rise of four percent. There were parts of the country that saw a significant decrease. New York and Pennsylvania led the nation with a decrease of six percent. The Midwest saw an increase of nine percent. Some say that the increase could have been much worse. According to experts, there were many, many more miles driven in 2014 than in the previous few years due to the decline in gas …... Continue Reading